The method of penis jelqing is aimed at the enlargement of a man’s phallus, namely making it thicker, by means of increasing the blood flow and the ability of the corresponding tissue, corpus cavernosa in other words, the take up an increased blood flow and to adjust to the changed dimension and capacity. The peinis jelqing technique implies work using one or both hands, performing compressing massage movements, as if milking. The first thing one should learn is how to perform the penis jelqing movements. A thumb and a forefinger should lie around the phallus base, embracing and covering it. Hands, encircling the phallus, move along the phallus, making the blood move towards the balanus.

Safety advice:

  • Your phallus should be half-erect. In case it is completely erect or not erect at all its skin may be hurt.
  • Embrace the phallus firm enough to keep it in half-erect state. But avoid strong squeezing of the phallus, because in this case the blood does not come to the phallus spongiose tissues.
  • Work with two hands is allowed too. Moreover, it is recommended to do it this way, because the embracing hands do not get tired, and the uninterrupted milking movements are ensured.
  • Oil or lubricants are recommended. They will allow to avoid friction. If the phallus is dry, you may feel stinging.
  • Do not do the penis exercises longer than recommended, jelqing should not take more than 10-15 minutes a day. Too much exercise may lead to stress and damage of the phallus tissues.