Sometimes premature ejaculation may be caused by some psychological traumas, for instance they might know that their partners were betraying them with another man or they also might have been seen masturbating or during forbidden sex. After such events it may be problematic for them to achieve ejaculation.

Another problem is when a man cannot ejaculate at all. It’s important to know if a man is able to achieve ejaculation when he is alone, by means of masturbation. If this is the case, then the reason of the sexual dysfunction is psychology only. In such cases of dysfunction men can either be convinced believers who were brought up with a thought that everything about sex is sinful, or just lack the feeling of attraction towards the partner.

Only a few scenarios can help one make his sex ideal. What is always of help is relaxation. It is different for different people, but normally candles, meals in a romantic atmosphere, just some drops of alcohol and little portions of pornography work perfectly, but only if both partners really favor this approach. Do not try to discuss embarrassing things, but concentrate on being relaxed. Do not try to start sex immediately, have enough hugs and kisses first. You can also try penis exercises, they should help you control your ejaculation.