The first frequently asked question is about the principle of these penis enlargement exercises. We won’t get too deep into the medical terminology and try to explain it in simple words: the exercises influence two important factors. The first one: they allow you to increase the tissue by mans of increasing the number of so-called corpus cavernosa cells, which are located in the penis. And the second one is that you also increase the size of the penis ligaments. When you do the penis exercises and stretch the penis tissue, you increase the blood circulation and amount coming to the penis in the course of an erection. You just make the cells grow and after a while their number and volume get increased to a considerable extent.

After how much time will I see the results? It depends on the efforts you make, but on average you need about 2 months to see the first results. This process is not a quick one, so don’t be sad if you don’t see any results right away.