There are large collections of penis enlargement exercises. Two of the most popular are the jelqing and squeezing.

Squeezing is one method of holding or grasping the penis tightly, up to the time that you can feel the surging of blood inside of it. You are free to repeatedly demonstrate the procedure. The correct steps are hold – squeeze – permit the blood to completely flow – free – squeeze again. This penis enlargement exercise is very effective if penis is already erect before squeezing is made. Furthermore, the penis will automatically erect when it is squeezed, even if it is not firm at the start.

The second technique of making the penis larger is jelqing. This is a penis enlargement exercise which requires careful doing. You can start this exercise by holding and gripping tightly your penis at the base. Carefully but steadily, you have to move your hand slowly upward towards the head of the penis. As the process goes along, you should use your thumb to provide pressure all over the length of your penis. Upon reaching the head of the penis (glans), removed your hand and place it again on the base. Do the process again. In order to obtain better effects, you should repeat the process at least twenty times per penis enlargement exercise session.

There are so many combinations of technique on jelqing. Other people use only one hand to perform the complete process, while some are using both the left and right hands, interchanged repeatedly and regularly with each other. Good posture is also counted in jelqing. There are men who want to jelq in standing position, while some preferred to sit.

You can find more information about jelqing and squeezing in penis exercises forum.