Nobody can give an exact explanation what premature ejaculation is. We consider it premature if it happened before intercourse, or at its very beginning, or after a few minutes after the intercourse has started. Some men believe that they ejaculate prematurely if they finish before their partner no matter how long the intercourse is!

Probably every man has wished he had more staying power at least a couple of times in his life. In fact, according to different surveys 30% of sexually active men ejaculate prematurely. Good news is that it’s not a disease; it is just a sexual condition.

Mastering the start-and-stop technique will help you prevent premature ejaculation in the most effective way. All you have to do is hold off before the moment you orgasm. It’s better to practice during masturbation for a while and then to do it with your partner. A tingling feeling signals the climax is coming and gives you a key when to stop. Relax for a while and feel how the sensation subsides. After that, resume stimulation and see if you can do it for a couple more times. Then let yourself go.

It might seem simple, however you will see it is more challenging than it appears. You might find that you lose your erection strength – this is OK, this can occur from time to time. When you feel you can practice it with your partner, kiss and caress your partner during these breaks.

Penis exercises are one more excellent method of delaying ejaculation. This technique helps strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, also known as the PC muscles. If you want to discover them, terminate the urination midstream to understand the pubococcygeus muscles. Perform penis exercises, clenching, holding and then relaxing the muscle. Make repetitions in set of ten until feeling tired. Little by little increase the number of repetitions; ideally you should do the penis exercise three times a day. You shouldn’t expect quick results, at least not for month. During intercourse you can clench the muscle, combining this method with the start and stop technique.