The Penis Kegel exercises allows one to control one’s PC muscles. Women may also profit from doing them. But they are more useful for men, as they get control over the emission of seminal fluid. Penis Kegel exercises are also called exercises for Pubococcygeus muscles (PC muscles), because they allow one to fortify these muscles ensuring longer erection, sexual intercourse and later emission of seminal fluid. In the course of Penis Kegel exercises one alternates slow contractions with quick ones, which consequently fortifies the PC muscles. Penis Kegel exercises are not easy to perform, and the safety advice is offered:

Safety advice:

  • The correct muscles should be exercised. Some males make a mistake, exercising the wrong muscles and achieving no goal. The PC muscles should be exercised, and in order to locate them, you are recommended to do the exercise during urination. Try to stop the urine flow and hold it for a couple of seconds, then continue urination. Practice this sometimes when urinating, and after some time you will know what muscles to exercise.
  • Do not do too much exercise. In case of frequent urination interruptions the dysfunction of this process may occur. When you understand that you know exactly what muscles to control, you are advised to stop urination interruption at once.
  • It is advised to perform about 10 complexes of slow and quick contractions a day.

    If you strictly observe the tips above, you will definitely receive the desired result. But you are recommended to study the method of penis enlargement exercises well enough before you start doing them. A good variant is to purchase online penis enlargement exercises. In doing this, you will learn how to do the penis exercises correctly.