The number of men interested in ways to boost the ejaculation volume in order to increase the intensity and duration of their orgasms keeps growing. All they need to have to achieve the desired result is the right information. You probably heard about a great number of ejaculation enhancement pills the market offers. These pills are supposed to bring noticeable and quick results.

Several of these herbal medicines or libido boosters include very dangerous herbal components such as Yohimbe. Additionally they are unaffordable for regular usage, so a more healthy, less dangerous and more economical method has to be found to maintain higher semen volumes. You should know that pumpkin seed, for example, or saw palmetto can help you feel healthy and fertile. You can also enhance your sperm count with the addition of zinc to your diet. But secret of enhancing ejaculation is not in costly pills!

Why is it important in the first place? Most women are turned on and experience higher satisfaction from sex with a partner who shoots “massive loads”. The more sperm you ejaculate, the more sexually aroused you appear to be. Moreover, women feel that their partners, who ejaculate more semen, get more satisfaction. They are impressed by a huge semen load. It is also important to mention premature ejaculation. It is obvious that women do not like it as they think they cannot turn you on.

There is a question, of course. How to ejaculate more? How to prevent premature ejaculation? First of all, exercises. If you do them regularly, you will have results. You can increase ejaculation by PC exercise (Kegels). These very exercises will improve your orgasms and let you shoot your load further. Do not forget that eating lots of fruit and vegetables in addition to exercising will increase your chances to satisfy your partner and feel much better when you make love. Drink lots of water and see how quickly semen production is increased. Keeping your body duly hydrated is an important condition of having abundant semen since water makes 95% of its volume.